MAGENTO Create Google reCAPTCHA Account(magento 联系验证码)

How to add recaptcha to magento

CAPTCHA is short for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. It’s used to determine whether the user on your website is human or not. The basic purpose it serves is to stop spam and prevent the website from attackers, and it does that with a simple and easy workflow.

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The users have to fill the CAPTCHA with words or letters shown on screen. If the CAPTCHA is a match, the user is allowed to proceed, and if it doesn’t, then, of course, you can’t proceed.

Contact form is an important part for any ecommerce store, hence, it must have an integrated CAPTCHA form to avoid spam.

Magento is a popular and powerful ecommerce platform. So today I am going to teach you how to add google reCAPTCHA on contact form in Magento.

The process of adding reCAPTCHA in Magento contact form consists of the following steps:

Create Google reCAPTCHA Account

First, login to your gmail account, go to Google reCAPTCHA signup page, and click on SIGN UP.

signup google captcha

Enter a label name for your site of choice, something you can remember easily, and enter your online store’s domain. After providing the details, click on Register.

register google captcha account

Now a screen will appear from where you can get your Site and Secret Key which you will use in the configuration step of this tutorial.

Secret key and site key of captcha

Download and Install Magento reCaptcha Extension

Go to Contacts Form Captcha by Oleg_Koval, download the extension. Now to install the downloaded extension, unzip the archive of the downloaded file to the root directory of your store.

Once it is done, don’t forget to clear the cache.

Configuration of reCAPTCHA in Magento

Go back to the admin panel and navigate to System → Configuration.

naviagate from systemto configuration

Click on Contacts under the GENERAL Tab.

click on contact

Select Yes to Enable Captcha attribute. Then enter the Site Key and Secret Key of Google reCAPTCHA which we created in the first step of this tutorial. Now just save the configuration by clicking on Save Config.

save configuration

Go to the contact us page of your Magento store and you will see the result!

recaptcha to magento

Final Words

reCAPTCHA is a smart choice to make your contact forms more secure and spam free. After following this tutorial, you should be able to add reCAPTCHA to your Magento contact forms. If you have any problems or would like to add to the discussion, just leave a comment below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends!


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